dnata in Singapore

Ground Handling in Singapore

We employ over
1,800 people
in Singapore
We operate since
50 years
in Singapore
We offer specialised
Private Aviation

Commitment to excellence

Today’s airline passengers expect a seamless experience from check-in to baggage delivery and that is exactly what dnata Singapore delivers for the millions of passengers that we handle each year.

With safety at our core, our vast experience and commitment to excellence, enables us to offer practical and cost-efficient solutions to your exacting requirements. Our highly trained staff will be on hand from start to finish to ensure that your passengers’ journey is a delightful one.

Security Services

At dnata Singapore, Security is fundamental to our daily functions. Every stage our Airport Operations are subject unwavering security standards.

We take our responsibility for your stakeholders seriously. We resolutely follow international best practice, working closely with airport and Government authorities to ensure full compliance to international security regulations. This is supported by investment in employee training and modern technology to drive continuous improvement.

In partnership with Aetos and Certis CISCO, our associate auxiliary Police Force, we provide customer-facing personnel who are highly trained in security protocol, to deliver the upmost in security standards, for the safe and timely passage of your customers.

Our Services
  • Aircraft guarding services
  • Aircraft cabin security search
  • Anti-pilferage / Loss prevention checks
  • Security escort services
  • In-flight Catering Security Services – Access Control, Catering meal carts Security Checks
  • Cargo Security Services – Access Control, Cargo Security Screening, Cargo Escort
  • Passenger Security Services – Boarding Pass Checks, In-admissible Passenger Escorts

Cargo in Singapore

We handle over
5,000 tonnes of cargo
every week
We specialise in
Coolchain and perishable
We operate a
1,400 square metre
state of the art warehouse

Cargo & Logistics

With more than three decades experience in the air-freight business, dnata Singapore has developed finely tuned handling techniques and cargo management methods that make us fully equipped to support our airline customers in surpassing the challenges of delivering products to their destinations in the shortest possible time.

Our investment in state of the art equipment and facilities allows our highly trained staff to manage the handling of any type of cargo, from perishables to priceless goods, from live animals to engines or pharmaceuticals, we have the resources and the know how to safely and efficiently manage your goods as part of our daily, routine operations.

Our other first rate services include the preparation of cargo documentation, the operation of ground service equipment, the management of the goods acceptance, delivery, and the break down and build-up of cargo. At each stage we complete our operations to your exacting standard and your shipment can be tracked, step-by-step, by you, from start to finish.

Exceeding expectations

Designed to handle an annual turnover of 550,000 tonnes, our ISO 9001:2015 certified automated cargo terminal, efficiently facilitates the rapid movement of inbound and outbound cargo. dnata Singapore is fully compliant with the requirements of the Regulated Air Cargo Agent Regime and maintains a Government Approved known shipper program.

Our top-of the –range equipment and our commitment to utilizing the most contemporary technologies means that we are well placed to provide the best fit for your cargo handling requirements. This makes us the go-to service provider for import and export handling in the country.

Our Services
  • Shipment status enquiry and iCargoNet service
  • 10% random volume checks are doncuted on random selection.
  • Unit Load Device (ULD) inventory and update
  • Build up and break down services
  • Transshipment handling
  • 100% weight verification services
  • Cargo acceptance, monitoring, documentation and scanning services
  • Facilities and equipment rental

  • Elevated Transfer Vehicle (ETV)
  • Transfer Vehicle (TTV/TV)
  • Conveyor Belt Loader
  • Weight scales - calibrated every quarter by approved vendor in line with regulatory requirements
  • X-ray Machine - Rapiscan 632DV (1.5m x 1.65m) and 638 DV (1.8m x 1.8m)
  • High-tech CCTV units within warehouse premises

Special Cargo Handling

There is no challenge that cannot be overcome by our special cargo handling operations team. Decades in the cargo handling business, dedication to employee training and investment in state-of-the-art facilities, allows us to manage your special cargo as part of our routine daily operations.

We have successfully managed the transport of a number of special Cargo, from live tropical fish to tigers and large livestock, to explosive material and luxury cars we have the experience and know-how to ensure safe and efficient handling.

Our Services
  • Airline equipment room
  • Livestock room
  • Open cargo yard
  • Radioactive room
  • Dangerous Goods area
  • Vault


Established in August 2013, Coolchain is the results of an S$4 million investment by dnata, launched with the aim of increasing Singapore Changi Airport’s perishable handling capacity by 75,000 tonnes annually.

Our efficiency, reliability and state-of-the-art, controlled facilities make Coolchain the go to air cargo operator for the safe transport for perishables.

At Coolchain, we understand that the delicate nature of perishables calls for specialized facilities and handling, which is why we are the first choice for the majority of National an International airlines in the country.

Our 1,400 square meters centre is equipped with the latest cold storage technologies and is designed to handle and process a wide range of products.

We have designated product-holding rooms for varying types of cargo, ensuring that the goods are systematically and efficiently managed to maximize time and cost efficiency, so that your products are kept at their optimum condition, as fresh as the day you ship them.

Our Services
  • Packaging services
  • Handling services
  • Storage facilities
  • Loading services
  • Tracking system
  • Transportation services

Security Services

At dnata Singapore, Security is fundamental to our daily functions. Every stage of our Cargo and Logistics Operations are subject to unwavering security standards.

We take our responsibility for your goods seriously. By following international best practice and working closely with airport and Government authorities, we ensure full compliance to international security regulations. This is supported by investment in employee training and modern technology to drive continuous improvement.

In partnership with Aetos and Certis CISCO, our associate auxiliary police force, we provide around the clock security at our facilities, keeping your goods safe.


iCargoNet is dnata’s multi-functional, easy use, web enabled service that is accessible through the Internet. The technologically advanced service allows the general public to enquire about flights handled by dnata and to receive an up to the minute status of their shipments.

All our customers need to do is simply subscribe to receive immediate access to a wide range of exceptional services, available at your fingertips. The service allows for easy access to a variety of functions, including Flight Enquiry, Shipment Enquiry, Management of FWB and FHL, Viewing of Import and Export Lying List, Updating Company Accounts, Printing Import and Export Cargo Manifests, Assign Warehouse Destination, View Import and Export Consignment Lists and Generate reports on the Monthly Cargo Tonnage Statistics.

Why choose icargonet?
  • You can make on line flight and shipment enquiries
  • We manage FWB and FJL messages
  • You can view import and export lying list
  • You can remotely update your company account
  • You can print Import and Export consignment lists
  • You can generate reports on monthly cargo tonnage statistics

dnata Singapore Tariff Rates

In the below document you will find the dnata Singapore tariff rates for the following services:

  • Hire of Equipment
  • Cargo Handling Services
  • Cargo Store Rent Charges
  • Charges Collect Fee
  • Early / Late Delivery Charges for Valuable Cargo
  • Miscellaneous

Click here to view our tariff rates.

Catering in Singapore

We produce over
5 million meals
every year
We operate a
23,000 square metre
catering facility
We cater to over
20 airlines
in Singapore

The leader in its region

dnata catering Singapore was launched in 1981 and has rapidly developed into an industry-leading catering operation.

Operating out of a state of the art 23,000 square metre, ramp-side facility, we now provide inflight catering to over 20 airlines departing Singapore's Changi Airport.

We are committed to delivering the very highest standard and take pride in our team of experienced chefs, who deliver creative, consistent product for all of our customers.

Our services are second-to-none for organisation and preparation, and acknowledgement of this has come from our valuable customers. Respected industry publication PAX International awarded dnata Singapore ‘Best Airline Caterer in Asia’ in both 2017 and 2018. We also received Air China’s ‘Outstanding Catering Award’ in 2018 as well as ‘Caterer of the Year’ in 2016 for Swiss.

Whether it be commercial, VIP, charter or on-ground catering, our team in Singapore has the skill and experience to deliver an unforgettable experience.

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