dnata expands disinfection service offering in Singapore

Singapore, 16 December 2021  dnata, a leading global air and travel services provider, continues to enhance its offering to ensure the safety and wellbeing of travellers and communities. The company has launched a mobile disinfection service in Singapore to help companies further improve safety across their operations, taking advantage of the latest sanitisation technologies. dnata has been already providing a popular baggage disinfection service at Changi Airport.

Using Ecas4 Australia’s electrochemically activated 'Ecas4-Anolyte' product, dnata offers an organic, non-toxic, Halal-certified solution that can effectively kill over 99,99% of bacteria and pathogens, such as coronavirus, on all types of surfaces. It is proven to be significantly more effective than bleach without the hazards of irritation to the skin, eyes, and respiratory systems.

The disinfectant has been independently tested in private laboratories in Australia, the European Union, UK and USA and deemed completely safe for adults and children with approvals as a hospital-grade disinfectant. Most recently, the product was also tested with Singapore Test Services to ensure the quality and efficacy of the Ecas4-Anolyte disinfectant.

With the use of an air fogger machine, the disinfectant is sprayed as a fine mist on surfaces, such as vehicles or desks, effectively killing germs without wiping. In larger areas with higher ceilings, a dry mist machine is utilised.

Marcus Chong, Head of Technical Services, dnata Singapore, said: “Since the recent launch of our mobile disinfection service offering, we have already disinfected more than 30 office spaces, including dnata’s offices, to ensure the highest level of safety for all. We are confident that this innovative service will help companies provide additional peace of mind to customers and employees.”

For more information on dnata's disinfection services, email commercial@dnata.sg.