Inflight Retail

Driving engagement and revenue growth on-board

We understand retailing isn’t about short-term sales growth. In a post COVID-19 world, digital technologies are driving change in consumer transactional behaviour, creating opportunities for airlines to know their customers better, create deeper, lasting relationships and building broader brand loyalty.

An effective inflight retail programme is a critical cog in an airline’s brand story. Passengers place immense weight on the quality of their inflight experience. Our solutions ensure success across the whole value chain, from product strategy to crew engagement and customer loyalty.

Our end-to-end solution ensures consistency throughout
We provide inflight retail services across five continents
We’re investing significantly in retail solutions

Connected customer experience

Consistency and connectedness is key in delivering an efficient and successful retail programme. Our end-to-end outsourced option ensures seamless implementation and delivery of your retail programme, by dnata. Our teams take on full management responsibility, allowing our airline customers to focus on flying, with confidence the retail opportunity is being overseen by dedicated retail experts.

Food & Beverage

We’re highly skilled in selecting and developing the right food, beverages and snacking items, managing the supply-chain and ensuring they’re effectively marketed on-board.

Boutique & Duty-Free

We’re highly skilled in running boutique and duty-free programmes, from product selection to supply-chain and marketing. Our existing relationships with leading product partners are invaluable for our customers.

Merchandising and Supply-Chain

We operate a flexible “just in time” stock supply system, with merchandising solutions designed to boost profits from all channels of retail services. We source, store, handle and administer goods for our customers – an end-to-end merchandising experience.

Digitalised Communication Services

We utilise measurable, digital solutions to drive communication, engagement and improve passenger loyalty. Lower friction through seamless engagement brings benefit for our customers and theirs.

Technology Provision & Management

Integrated warehousing, stock-management, POS and reconciliation solutions improves efficiency and accuracy in everything we do, allowing more time to focus on the customer experience.

Crew Engagement

Cabin Crew are our best on-board tool for growing sales and engagement. Our industry-leading people programmes ensure crew feel engaged, committed and incentivised to deliver success.

Product development

Passengers value brands they know and love, complemented by unique, creative options that add a bespoke flavour to their trip. Much like the high-street café experience, engaging and creative products add a sense of value to a purchase. Our retail team works with dedicated product development teams globally, including dnata’s own En Route International team, an award-winning product design and development team. We ensure the final proposition provides the right balance for your customers.

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