dnata in Australia

Ground Handling in Australia

We service over
5.5 million
passengers annually
We handle over
27,000 flights
Our Safe
On Time Performance
is 98%

Ground Handling

dnata is the market leader in Ground Handling Services in Australia, providing expert service at seven of the country's airports

We are proud to be the go-to service provider for the majority of international airlines who rely on our precision and expertise to facilitate a smooth and stress-free transition for their passengers and for the secure and timely management of baggage.

With safety at our core, our vast experience and commitment to excellence enables us to offer practical and cost-efficient solutions to our customers' exacting requirements. Our highly trained staff will be on hand from start to finish to ensure that your passengers’ journey is a delightful one.

Cargo in Australia

We move over
2.5 million
tonnes of cargo annually
We are a
IATA cargo agent
We operate a
customs bonded warehouse
in partnership with Australia Post

Cargo & Logistics

With decades in the airfreight business, dnata Australia has developed finely tuned handling and cargo management methods that render us fully equipped to support our airline customers in surpassing the challenges of delivering products to their destinations, in the shortest possible time. We offer premium cargo handling services for passenger belly cargo and freighter cargo with safe, diligent and efficient operations. At each stage we complete our operations to your exacting standards and your shipment can be tracked, step-by-step, by you, from start to finish.

Warehouse Handling

dnata Australia is a registered IATA cargo agent, we expertly provide a wide range of services in handling of goods and mail. We are proud to offer our customers a service that is quick, safe and efficient, through our own customs bonded warehouse.

Our wide-reaching contacts with foreign carriers and airports guarantee that we can trace each and every shipment of goods and mail, every time.

Our Services
  • We manage customs requirements
  • General cargo and mail handling services
  • Document handling services
  • Post office mail
  • Transfer and transit cargo
  • Physical handling of outbound and inbound mail

Mail Handling

As a registered IATA cargo agent, mail handling is one of dnata Australia’s key areas of expertise, and with dedicated mail handling services at most of the major airports, we are committed to providing a first class service to every item of post.

Boasting our own ultra modern customs bonded warehouse, we operate cohesively in partnership with Australia Post, ensuring a streamlined and efficient handling management system. Our contacts with foreign carriers and airports guarantee the up to the minute tracing of each and every shipment of goods and mail that we handle, making us the industry leaders in mail handling in Australia.

Our Services
  • Full management of goods received
  • Preparation of cargo documentation services
  • Full break down and build up services

Catering in Australia

We uplifted over
56 million
meals annually
We operate a
marhaba Lounge
at Melbourne Airport
Our network covers
15 flight kitchens

Appetite for perfection

Australia has been part of the dnata catering network since 2011, when dnata brought Alpha Flight Group into the dnata family. In January 2017 we commenced the rebrand of Alpha Flight Group to dnata catering, bringing our Australia operation in-line with our global dnata brand.

We now have over 1,700 employees across our dnata catering operation, over 30 airline customers and a nationwide network of eleven kitchens. We are Australia’s market leader for inflight catering.

In addition to traditional culinary inflight catering, dnata catering in Australia is highly-skilled in duty free and inflight retail provision. With the ability to deliver end-to-end inflight retailing programmes, we have helped multiple international airlines generate additional ancillary revenue, provide high-quality choice of products to their customers and improve the overall passenger experience.

Retailing onboard and in-airport presents significant opportunity, complimenting our already world-class culinary capability in Australia that’s seen us win multiple prestigious awards.

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