dnata in Pakistan

Ground Handling in Pakistan

We operate out of
7 stations
in Pakistan
We look after over
100,000 pieces of luggage
We have over
150 highly trained

Ground Handling

Gerry's dnata is proud to be the go-to service provider for the majority of international airlines that rely upon our precision and expertise to facilitate a smooth and stress free transition for their passengers and for the secure and timely management of baggage. Today's airline passengers expect a seamless experience from check-in to baggage delivery and that is exactly what Gerry's dnata Pakistan delivers to the millions of passengers that we handle each year. With safety at our core, our vast experience and commitment to excellence enables us to offer practical and cost efficient solutions to your exacting requirements.Our highly trained staff will be on hand from start to finish to ensure that your passenger's journey is a delightful one.

Why choose Gerry's dnata Ground Handling services?
  • We offer premium check in services
  • We manage Gate Activities
  • We manage Arrivals
  • We provide a Lost and Found service
  • We offer a baggage home delivery service
  • We provide security services

Security Services

Gerry’s dnata is proud to offer an unrivaled Security Service to our customers in Pakistan. Our discrete services are specifically designed to meet the bespoke requirements of your Airline, whilst ensuring compliance with National and International standard operating security procedures.

Gerry's dnata boasts it’s own security division entitled MS Safety and Security Service ‘SSS’. These highly trained personnel provide baggage and passenger screening services, profiling, aircraft security sweeps, anti sabotage checks and security checks. Our Taekwondo trained security staff also offer continuous protection to and from the aircraft and provide a highly professional escorting service when required.

Why choose Gerry's dnata security services?
  • We offer escorting and drop off services
  • We offer meet and greet services

Cargo in Pakistan

We offer cargo handling
in 7 airports
across Pakistan
In Karachi we handle over
78,000 tonnes of Cargo
every year
In Lahore we handle over
24,000 tonnes of Cargo

Unrivalled for quality and efficiency

Gerry’s dnata’s Cargo Operations span 5 cities across Pakistan. Our strict adherence to standard operating procedures and safety measures allows us to efficiently move over 135,000 tons annually. This equates to a staggering 375 tons of cargo safely reaching its destination, on time, every single day.

Our pioneering investment in technology and training means that we have the most up to date methods and the most highly trained personnel to diligently pack, transport and unload any type of cargo. From perishables to priceless goods, from live animals to engines or pharmaceuticals, we have the resources to facilitate their handling, as part of our daily routine operations.

Warehouse Handling

At Gerry’s dnata Pakistan our commitment to provide our customers with the ultimate in service saw us invest heavily in the production of a state-of-the-art facility. We now boast an ultramodern warehouse handling building, that is second to none. Our multi-million dollar investment into our operations has seen our warehouse-handling facilities surpass industry expectations, allowing us to provide superior services to our customers that are both cost and time efficient.

Why choose Gerry's dnata Warehouse handling?

We offer technically advanced solutions

  • We utilize state of the art warehouses and equipment
  • We have dedicated terminals catering for general and special cargo requirements
  • We have a comprehensive portfolio of services covering end-to-end solutions
  • We have international networks at airports around the world
  • We have highly trained staff to handle a variety of types of cargo

Mail Handling

Our multi million dollar investment into our operations in Pakistan has seen our mail handling facilities surpass industry expectations, allowing us to provide superior services to our customers. Other first rate services we provide, include the preparation of cargo documentation, the operation of ground service equipment, the management of the goods acceptance, delivery, and break down and build-up of cargo. Each stage of mail transfer is completed to our exacting standard and tracked step by step, by you, from start to finish.

Why choose Gerry's dnata Mail Handling?
  • We offer full management of goods received
  • We offer preparation of cargo documentation
  • We provide mail delivery services
  • We provide full break down and build up services

Other Airport Services in Pakistan

Setting the standard of excellence

Over 3 decades of operations Gerry’s dnata has developed an admirable reputation as the preferred service provider in Pakistan. Aside from our industry leading standards in Cargo and Logistics and Passenger Services, we also set the standards in out Other Airport Services, such as Training.


Since it’s inauguration in 2006, Gerry’s dnata has developed an enviable reputation as the leading Training Service for the Aviation Industry in Pakistan. Our state-of-the-art facilities and constantly up cycled courses are dedicated to improving operational efficiency through investment in the power of people.

Surpassing industry standards, our in house training offers 28 different courses across the aviation spectrum for both Gerry’s Dnata staff and for commercial candidates looking to break into the Aviation Industry.

All courses comply with International Aviation Transport Authority (IATA) standard operating practices and are benchmarked against IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations (ISAGO) management and control schemes.

All of our training materials are designed using accelerated learning techniques with a combination of classroom, e-learning and on-the-job training methods. Our courses offer learners real world Industry experience that can be practically applied to improve performance.

Why choose Gerry's dnata Training Services?
  • We offer in-house training services
  • We provide Commercial training courses
  • We include trainee testing services
  • We offer on the job training experience
  • We include hands-on learning methods
  • Our training services increase employability

Technology Services

We provide a complete end-to-end DCS solution which ensures efficient passenger processing by leveraging cloud technology to bring greater operational resilience, scalability and flexibility. The solution enables passenger processing systems to be accessed and deployed anywhere, on demand. The solution can be deployed quickly and easily and can be used on a PC, laptop or mobile device, once a secure network connection is in place. Our platform can help to achieve substantial cost savings, by eliminating the need for costly on-site servers and ongoing maintenance, as well as reducing energy costs.

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