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Cargo in Germany

We operate a
12,000 square metre
We offer a full range of
Air Freight Handling
located at
Germany’s No.3 cargo airport

Cargo & Logistics

Located at Cologne/Bonn Airport, dnata Germany operates from a 12,000  square metre footprint with direct access to the apron leading to the security area.

Cargo Handling

Our highly qualified and experienced management and handling services team can guarantee high-quality, quick and smooth handling of air cargo shipments around the clock. Our 24/7 operations allow for a high degree of flexibility, ensuring reliable and short response times every day of the week, 365 days a year.

We provide comprehensive specialist services, staff and technical support for airlines and shipping companies. Our tailor-made integrated services are designed to meet your individual requirements and demands, and it goes without saying that all applicable legal regulations, provisions and IATA guidelines are observed throughout.

Our Services
  • Cargo Acceptance, issuance and „Ready for Carriage” check (RFC)
  • ULD-/Pallet-Build-Up
  • Dangerous Goods check
  • BUP handling / through units
  • Commissioning
  • Consolidating
  • Weight- and volume checks
  • Manifesting
  • Customs
  • SITA messaging
  • Charge Collect
  • ULD-/Pallet-Break-Down
  • Irregularities Handling
  • Material Management and storage
  • Special Handling Goods (AVI. VAL, DGR, PER, HUM etc.)
  • Labeling
  • Document transfer

Cargo Documentation Handling

We provide for smooth and trouble-free processing of incoming and outgoing air cargo documents in the area of air cargo handling documentation, in compliance with the applicable legal provisions and regulations incl. SITA messaging, dangerous goods checks, NOTOC and all other required services.

Storage & Warehousing

The facility is equipped with a transponder system, an X-ray machine with a capacity of up to 3,000 kilogrammes and a height of 175 cm, 30 truckdocks, and 2 truckdocks for built-up ULDs.

We provide hazardous goods rooms for storing dangerous cargo, with the exception of radioactive substances. There is also an explosives area for storing explosive substances (24 hours) with a net weight of up to 200 kg.

Our cold stores are ideal for food and non-food products, allowing for goods to be stored at temperatures between -18 and +5 degrees Celsius.

Aviation Security Services

Our dedicated staff ensure that special measures for ensuring that legal safety requirements are met and all applicable regulations are observed.

Our Services
  • Screening of cargo items of up to 3,000 kg
  • Visual inspection
  • Explosive trace detector ION Scan 600
  • Explosive detection dogs
  • Operated by specially trained security staff in line with the provisions of the Federal German Aviation Authority
  • Innovative 360° high-resolution camera system

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