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Private and charter aviation is one of the fastest growing segments in aviation. Flexibility, privacy and a truly bespoke experience are now more accessible than ever.

Across the world, our private aviation teams can provide a true end-to-end service for our customers, from catering to ground handling, passenger services and itinerary management.

In addition to our own network locations, we also plan and manage global itineraries for our key VIP customers across the globe, working with our partners to deliver a consistent service and product wherever you travel.

We provide true end-to-end VIP services globally
Our partner provider network spans more than 100 locations
Our global connections are unparalleled

Privacy and flexibility

We understand what private and charter aviation users value. Our business was founded in 1959 in Dubai, a commercial and tourism hub in a region synonymous with premium and private aviation. With every customer we ensure we understand what’s important to them, whether it be uninterrupted movement air-side, a unique cuisine or arrangements for on-ground. Working with private jet managers, FBOs and owners, we ensure we provide the exact services our customers desire.

Our culinary menu

With experience in Michelin star restaurants, leading hospitality and high-street properties, our international culinary team can create a menu for every occasion. We can create bespoke menus or provide one of our many popular pre-set menus, spanning halal, vegan and multiple national cuisines.

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We cater from more than 60 kitchen units globally, each with experienced VIP chefs. Our broader partner network spans more than 100 locations worldwide.

Ancillary services

From meet & greet to chauffeur drive and personal itineraries, our teams can arrange and provide support services for every aspect of a journey.

Ground handling

We provide full ground handling services in more than 70 airports, from South America to the UK. Our VIP hub teams can arrange all your global requirements.

Our services

Meet and greet
Our team can directly meet & greet or arrange discreet, professional chauffeur services. We manage meet & greet services in some of the world’s largest airports for commercial and VIP travellers.
From set menus to bespoke, international dishes, our team of globally-awarded chefs and our international partners will deliver above and beyond your expectations
Customs and immigration
With a dedicated travel services division, our team can manage immigration processes in every country around the globe. We will manage the visa and documentation process, from end-to-end.
Transport & accommodation
Across our owned and partner network we can manage on-ground arrangements for the entire journey for you and your flight crew. No task is too small or intricate to handle.
Ramp services
From marshalling to fuelling and aircraft cleaning, we provide direct ground handling services in more than 70 airports around the world, with a wider partner network covering every other market.
Safety and security
Many of our clients request an assurance of privacy and security during their travels. Our world-leading ensure the safety and security of travellers.
We manage our own VIP lounges in many of the world’s large airports and also hold relationships with leading global lounge operators. We will ensure you can relax discretely prior to travel.
Sometimes cargo requires VIP treatment. Accompanied or not, our global cargo division is experienced in managing the most delicate and valuable cargo.

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