High cuisine: How our new catering contract for SWISS got off to a flyer

After a four-year absence, SWISS International Air Lines has resumed its service from Singapore to Zurich. This time around, SWISS selected dnata as the preferred caterer for its discerning passengers on the long-haul daily flight to the heart of Europe.

But unlike a dinner party for friends – where you can whip things together at the last minute – the operation required several months of planning to get the food just right.

SWISS Catering Operations (KPO) defined the menus for all three classes, selecting truly authentic Asian and Swiss dishes.

To say the team went the extra mile is an understatement. For example, bramata – traditional Swiss polenta – was flown in especially from Zurich for use in a dish served to Business Class passengers.

Before the first flight, on May 13, dnata was tasked with loading all meals, beverages, dishes and tableware for the 219 passengers.

Approximately 4,000kg of catering material was delivered via cargo from Bangkok, arriving at the catering station after passing through customs.

The day before the flight, the entire loading process – aside from the meals – underwent a thorough check on location. Meanwhile, dnata received the training for SWISS specifications.

All meals were pre-cooked and the famous Singapore Sling – a cocktail created in the luxurious Raffles hotel – was mixed for Business Class passengers.

On the day of the flight, the meals were carefully checked for specifications and quality. By the time the crew arrived at the aircraft, dnata had successfully loaded all the equipment in the galley on time. Our team was then able to perform the galley hand-over to the crew.

As is customary for inaugural flights, dnata presented the crew with a beautifully decorated cake.

The success of the flight was down to excellent teamwork between dnata Singapore and SWISS Catering Operations, both before and on the big day itself.

Our team continues to deliver the good work, providing about 2,800 hot meals per week for the service.