dnata Singapore supports the Lion City’s fight against Covid-19

Singapore, 3 July 2020 – dnata Singapore is proud to be part of the island nation's fight against Covid-19 by collaborating with local government. With migrant workers unable to use communal kitchens due to dormitory lockdowns from April, dnata stepped up and leveraged their catering facilities, firing up their kitchens to plan, cook and deliver over 2.5 million high-nutrition meals to workers in residences across the island to date.

In order to deliver this challenge within a short timeframe, the catering team adapted various production elements ranging from preparing special menus in line with specific dietary requests to adapting the supply chain and redeploying staff from other business units. New processes were implemented or had to be modified to make the switch from traditional airline food preparation, which is stored and reheated on board, to fresh meals to be enjoyed immediately after delivery. dnata’s Food Quality Assurance team was involved every step of the way to ensure the highest food safety standards.

The successful delivery showcased adaptability, resilience and teamwork, which was praised by the local authorities. It also led to dnata’s efforts being included in a video project commissioned by the National Museum of Singapore to serve as a time capsule for future generations to look back at this period of local history.

Dirk Goovaerts, Regional CEO Asia Pacific, dnata, said: “Our team of chefs were able to come up with suitably enticing menus on short notice as we drew inspiration from our Southern Asian special airline meals. Everyone was enthusiastic about serving the local community well, including the local supply chain, which truly made this an SGUnited effort in conjunction with the ministries."