dnata Singapore sets up training committee to upgrade worker skills

Singapore, 1 October 2020– dnata Singapore has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with dnata Singapore Staff Union (DSSU) and the National Trades Union Congress’ Employment and Employability Institute (NTUC’s e2i) to set up a company training committee (CTC).

This partnership will enable dnata Singapore to equip its employees with necessary core competencies and help the company leverage technological tools to improve personal and operational effectiveness and efficiency. The CTC shall comprise dnata Singapore management members along with key union and e2i representatives.

Supporting the dnata Singapore's vision for the future, the CTC aims to:

  • Identify the skills and training that employees need to support the company's strategic vision and direction to keep up with industry transformation;
  • Coordinate efforts to communicate and implement training plans that build new competencies, close existing skills gaps and enhance productivity through technical, adaptive and technology skills
  • Enhance and implement workforce upgrading plans to help prepare employees for the evolution of jobs, stay relevant with new skills and be resilient to new ways of working for better jobs, pay and career progression.

A dedicated team of training specialists will work with the DSSU leaders and industrial relations officers to implement the CTC agenda. Areas of training will be matched with dnata’s needs and could possibly involve bringing in relevant expertise from universities, polytechnics and Institutes of Technical Education (ITEs) to design training for workers.

Musdalifa Abdullah, dnata Singapore Board Member, said: “Our company is committed to collaborate with e2i and the Union to plan and promote skills training initiatives for our employees that ensure the resilience of our people towards workplace changes that may arise out of future business transformation.”