Charm offensive: Singapore teams up with Disney Institute for customer service training

When our Singapore team were looking for a way to recharge their customer service batteries, they realised it was time to think outside of the box. They turned to the Disney Institute – known for their excellent customer service training – for help.

As a result, every colleague has been shortlisted to attend a customised course.

The decision to partner with Disney was straightforward. The international media corporation is known for providing exceptional customer service and exceeding customer expectations.

Disney provides customised courses – adapting courses to meet dnata specific scenarios so our trainees can relate better to the situations they are presented with. Each course also establishes a base from which everyone can fine-tune their customer engagement skills.

The recognition received through awards and comments from customers are an additional testament to the efforts made by the Singapore team in improving their customer service.

Overall, the benefits of adopting regular training has a very positive track record both at dnata as a whole and for our airports independently. The awards and feedback from customers is a testament to Singapore’s efforts towards improving customer service.

  • At Changi Airport the results speak for themselves with a marked increase in the number of compliments received by dnata from airline customers and a 40% increase in compliments since the implementation of the Disney course in 2012.
  • More than half our employees have had customer service training to date (more than 1000 employees attended the courses).
  • More than 16,000 hours went towards improving service excellence in 2013.