Alpha Catering and British Airways initiate in-flight catering revolution at Gatwick

Alpha launched groundbreaking new logistics, premium kitchen and customer suite facilities for British Airways at Gatwick. The initiative, which represented major change to process, structure and systems, was launched on time, within budget and delivered on high expectations.

As part of a new partnership initiative with British Airways and embracing the 10-year contract that commenced in 2010, Alpha has completely restructured its operating model around the latest thinking in logistics management to meet current needs as well as incorporating flexibility in anticipation of future changes.

The new model at Gatwick is a key step in a major operational restructuring initiative to deliver significant savings over the life of the contract. It was completed on time, on budget and is on track to deliver its promise.

The Gatwick team has opened a new Pure Logistics Centre which focuses on delivering a simplified and more efficient service to the airline for all products, in turn supported by an off site Production Kitchen enabling the company to provide the highest standards of culinary excellence for British Airways' premium passengers, as well as a state of the art Customer Suite.

The Alpha/ British Airways team also has exciting plans to use the Customer suite for customer research and sampling sessions through inviting frequent flyers to participate in future menu design concepts.

Alpha has pioneered a new generation of logistics management for the inflight sector, one that is truly flexible, is service delivery orientated, highly cost focused, with a high customer value and appearance perception.

  • As part of a new partnership initiative, Alpha launched a revolutionary new model designed to reduce costs and improve service over the term of a 10 year contract which commenced in 2010. The new model consists of three key components - a Pure Logistics Centre, an off-site Production Kitchen and a Customer Suite.
  • The initiative, which represented major change to process, structure and systems, was launched on time and within budget - a real testament to the high calibre of the management and staff dedicated to BA in LGW and the strength and vision of Alpha's Central Support Team.