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Alpha Adelaide impresses the most discerning airlines

When Singapore Airlines selected Alpha Flight Group’s Adelaide operations as the Best Caterer for 2014-15, it had indeed picked a winner from a set of 23 in-flight caterers of global repute. This Grade 2 award is for servicing between 7 and 14 Singapore Airlines flights per week.

It’s more than delicious meals

It isn’t easy impressing Singapore Airlines, and Alpha Adelaide did just that, scoring exceptionally on every count – from food presentation to customer service. The verdict - Alpha Adelaide demonstrated efficient resolving of issues that are critical to a busy aviation operation, a professional approach that honours commitment, irrespective of circumstances, and is motivated to plate up food of exceptional standards.

On winning the award, the unit manager, Leigh Curnow said, “I’m extremely proud of my team. I believe this award is a reflection of Alpha Australia’s overall promise of high-quality, fresh food, backed by extraordinary customer service.”

A tribute to a local success story

33 years ago, Alpha Flight Group was selling sandwiches to just one customer. Today, it has the distinction of being the country’s largest in-flight catering operation with 30 customers and 1600 employees spread over 10 kitchens. Alpha Australia takes prides in its ability to understand diverse palates – the nation continues to be a melting pot of diverse cultures. It also helps being in a country that boasts the best of produce, which translates to fresh and wholesome ingredients. From the balance of flavours of South East Asia and the delicateness of Far Eastern cuisine to perfectly grilled steaks for the trans-Pacific routes and Halal food for west bounds flight, Alpha Australia pulls it off with aplomb, every day.

Food born out of insight

Alpha Australia’s knowledge of consumer, food and packaging trends, combined with the creative flair of its team of award-winning development chefs, enables Alpha to put insight at the heart of what it does.

We congratulate Alpha Australia and wish them more accolades in the coming year.

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