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Fruit and vege

Delivering quality

We are staunchly committed to the very highest standard of inflight dining and we take pride in our team of experienced chefs who constantly strive for creativity to the highest culinary standards. We endeavor to deliver on taste and quality, matching the expectations of today’s sophisticated passengers. Our vast experience and dedication to detail and quality makes us the go-to service provider for all types of customers, from Skytrax 5 star airlines to charter and low cost carriers. Our on-time record (99.9%) and levels of customer satisfaction (97.1%) are second to none.

We cater more than 165,000 flights annually
We serve over 23 million meals annually
We operate 17 flight catering units across the UK

Our Services

  • Menu design, product innovation and design
  • Food preparation and design services with an emphasis on authentic regional cuisines
  • Local & central production
  • Catering Logistics services
  • Full catering operations services