Cargo and Logistics

in Pakistan

Unrivalled for quality and efficiency

Gerry’s dnata’s Cargo Operations span 5 cities across Pakistan. Our strict adherence to standard operating procedures and safety measures allows us to efficiently move over 135,000 tons annually. This equates to a staggering 375 tons of cargo safely reaching its destination, on time, every single day.

Our pioneering investment in technology and training means that we have the most up to date methods and the most highly trained personnel to diligently pack, transport and unload any type of cargo. From perishables to priceless goods, from live animals to engines or pharmaceuticals, we have the resources to facilitate their handling, as part of our daily routine operations.

We operate in 7 cities across Pakistan
we move 78,000 tonnes of cargo through the Karachi station
Lahore station efficiently handles 24,000 tonnes annually