Disinfection containers & mobile units

The future after Covid-19 will look a little different in than what we used to know. Especially when it concerns large groups of people.

Supermarkets, sports venues, public buildings, schools, cinema complexes and many other locations can now be biologically disinfected in no time at a great value.

By installing a disinfection container or mobile disinfection unit, you can provide that extra peace of mind to all users.

Creating a safer environment for all
Flexible solutions for disinfection & screening
Your choice to rent or purchase at any location

Flexible solutions for disinfection & screening at any location

Our disinfection containers and mobile disinfection units can be flexibly placed at any location. They are designed to guide large groups of people through a number of risk mitigation steps to ensure everyone is screened and meets the imposed hygiene measures.

Variety of units offered

We offer a range of indoor and outdoor choices. Each unit can contain multiple disinfection options ranging from hand dispensers, tissue holders, mask storage, crowd control, temperature check and even a dry mist disinfection.

Placement of disinfect units

Office buildings, Supermarkets, Festivals or Events, Schools, Concert Halls, Shopping Centers, Catering Establishments, Shopping Streets, Public Buildings, Care Centers, etc.

Your choice to rent or purchase

The disinfection units are both for rent and for sale. We provide the complete package: from construction (with custom branding) to the necessary products and crew, so that you do not have to worry about anything.

How does dry mist disinfection works?

Dry mist disinfection technology can be installed as an option inside a tunnel whether to sanitise humans or even luggage when using a conveyor belt system. Innovative engineering pulverises a mixture of descaled water and a biological disinfectant inside the tunnel, and push the active molecules into the space to kill viruses in a 100% biological way, without leaving any biocide or damp traces.

Safety Accreditation

HOCL or hydrogen hypochlorite is harmless to humans and has been tested and approved by Eurofin in Europe. All safe documentation for the use of this product in this environment has already been approved in the EU, UK & USA.

About Disinfect Group

Disinfect Group is the world’s largest group of safe entry solutions. Disinfect sanitisation units were created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic to facilitate greater safety measures.

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